Forestry / Clearing Services

EES Landscaping provides service in Maryland and Delaware. Our specialized forestry equipment can handle a variety of jobs – from smaller sites with limited access, all the way through to larger lot clearances.

Our Takeuchi TL10 with Bandit Forestry Mulcher is an amazing piece of equipment!

It can clear and mulch all kinds of small to medium sized trees, heavy brush and undergrowth. And it does it all with minimal damage to the soil beneath (unlike heavier equipment that can leave ruts or even get bogged down) and to top it all off, the mulch that is left behind acts as a biodegradable ground cover.


  • Clearing smaller and larger sized lots with minimal ground disturbance/erosion.
  • Powerful yet agile and precise.
  • Easily works around trees that need to be kept intact.
  • Leaves behind biodegradable mulch and wood chips.
  • Perfect for all kinds of excavation and lot clearing projects.

Forestry / Clearing Services in Maryland. Forestry / Clearing Services in Delaware.